Job Openings

We are always interested in receiving applications from motivated students and researchers.

Available Post-doc positions.

The Synthetic Optics group is recruiting a postdoc researcher to work on the ERC grant AMPHIBIANS. The project will focus on the all optical manipulation of flexible nanophotonic membranes. The applicant should have research experience in advanced microscopy, e.g. for imaging, optical trapping or wavefront correction techniques, supported by a good publication record. A strong candidate will also have demonstrated or clear interest in acquiring expertise on the design and fabrication of the photonic membranes, using our clean room and nanolithography facilities. The initial contract is for two years and can be extended.

The details of the applications can be found here.

Available PhD projects.

  • Biophotonic applications of optical metasurfaces
  • Flexible holographic metasurfaces
  • Large scale fabrication of flexible metasurfaces in the visible range
  • Epsilon near zero metamaterials for advanced optical applications
  • Metamaterials for bio-applications in the microwave ranges
  • Hybrid semiconductor-plasmonic devices for quantum and laser applications
  • Aerogel based photonic metamaterials for sensing and imaging applications
  • Linear and nonlinear properties of 3D optical Metamaterials



For more details, contact Dr Di Falco via email.