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Integration of sub-micron semiconductor lasers in living cells

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In a paper published in Nature Communications, we report on the integration of sub-micron semiconductor lasers in living cells. In this work, fruit of the collaboration with Malte Gather and his group at the University of St Andrews, we demonstrate that lasers with dimensions much smaller than that of many cell nuclei can be used to tag individual cells and sense their environment. This research paves the way for a new bio-photonics platform that will provide new insight into cell biology, including research in immune cells, neutrons and cancer cells.
A. H. Fikouras, M. Schubert, M. Karl, J. D. Kumar, S. J. Powis, A. Di Falco & M. C. Gather, Non-obstructive intracellular nanolasers, Nature Communications 9, 4817 (2018)