Dr Ranjeet Kumar

Dr. Ranjeet Kumar obtained his Ph.D. (2006-2012) from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi INDIA in the field of Optical micromanipulation using structured laser beams. Following this he worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi. After a few years he returned to research as Postdoc Research Assistant at the Imaging Frontier Center, Tokyo University of Science, JAPAN (2016-2018) where he developed a bespoke wide-field spatio-temporal focussing microscope.

Then he moved to the Photononics group at Imperial College London and worked on AstraZeneca funded research project titled ‘High-speed light-sheet microscopy of multi-cellular spheroids for compound/drug safety screening’ where he developed an automated XY co-ordinate finding procedure for drug-dosed 3D liver-cell spheroids.

 Dr. Kumar has joined the Synthetic Optics and the Optical Manipulation group and is working on a project focused on high throughput diagnostic and analysis techniques, based on light-sheet microscopy, funded by the Institutional Strategic Support Fund of the Wellcome Trust.