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Nanoplasmonic Filters for Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibres

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Photonic crystal fibres are an essential tool in many experiments which require their sensing or highly non-linear properties.  Using our ability to fabricate flexible plasmonic structures, we have been able to functionalise the facet of a hollow core photonic crystal fibre with a spectral filter.

This brings the possibility to combine Lab-on-Fibre (LoF) technologies with photonic crystal fibres, expanding the available toolkit of LoF functions.

Using a flexible plasmonic membrane allows the fibre to be given a function reversibly, and without having to directly write onto the fibre’s facet itself.  Crucially this allows us to realise LoF on a hollow core photonic crystal fibre, which would be impossible to fabricate directly.

You can read about this research in ACS Photonics.